Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ten things I LOVE about South Africa (in no particular order)

10. The 9:30AM service at Good Shepard Church has a band and everyone sings and dances during worship.
9. I saw a whale!!
8. The sunsets are beautiful - the sky is pink every night
7. Delicious Pastries -- When you visit someone's home they put out delicious treats and tea or coffee -- you can't say no, even if you want to!
6. The use of the word, "man", like How's it man? or really, man? People say 'man' after almost every sentence, and it makes me smile
5. the youth group -- Even though I miss my kids at Trinity, it has been wonderful to get to know other young fun people in the church! When they meet for youth group, older teens lead the programming and run games, songs, and good discussions
4. The Adults who work with the youth are SO much fun! And, have taken me out to see different parts of Cape Town.
3. Frozen Yogurt -- it's everywhere, which makes me very happy!
2. Sunday afternoons -- After Church everyone goes home and makes a HUGE meal and then take naps, it's pretty amazing! The indian good (samosas), curry, and grilling ( they call it Briaa) are all delicious!
1. The kids at Heaven's nest! They are such wonderful, beautiful children -- who have been removed from their homes bc of abuse, neglect or in some cases bc they are treated negatively bc of their HIV/AIDS status. I will be working with them once or twice a week!

more later, man!

Peace, Em


  1. I love it :) I want to see pictures of your pink sky, man!!

  2. So Emily, Hi I'm missioning with Kate and Brittany in Colombia. You have baited us, now treat us with more info. Where/How are you living, what are these projects you are working on, where do you work....Oh and pictures please of the youth you speak about. Sounds like you are settled in. I am looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.

  3. Hi Emily! That all sounds so great! Glad you're enjoying yourself :o) Hugs from Boston!

  4. glad to see your liking it so much, man!