Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Camps during the World Cup

As many of you probably know by now, the main project I am working on during my time in Cape Town, is creating camps that will be run by Anglican Churches throughout South Africa during the World Cup. I wrote a proposal for a camp that I will help to implement in the Diocese of False Bay. I am presenting the camp to the Archdeaconry of Kalk Bay this Saturday. This is some of what I will be presenting:

Children will be on holiday from June 10th until July 12th and, with the influx of soccer fans coming to South Africa, there will undoubtedly be an increase in crime and violence during this time. We are hoping to create a fun, engaging program for the young people at our church and in the neighborhood.

The camp is intended for 8 to 12 year-olds and will begin the second week of school vacation and last for one month. The general approach to each of the four weeks of camp is as follows: activities will be based on a different theme, and the young people will come to camp every Tuesday to Thursday. The first two days of camp (Tuesday/Wednesday) will include games and activities that have integrated the week’s theme. The last day of camp (Thursday) will be dedicated to an outing or a visitor that is also based on the week’s theme.

Here are some of the themes we will be using:
Soccer, music, animals, the sea, AIDS/HIV, social justice, drama, science, etc.

I am really excited about the camps and the safe-haven they will provide for children, hopefully throughout South Africa (if other churches decide to implement them!). At times the project seems incredibly daunting and overwhelming but this is forcing me to learn a really good lesson about trusting God.

I've discussed my anxiety and concerns with the woman I am living with, and she keeps telling me that I need to trust God and pray. Well, I don't know about you, but sometimes it is frustrating to hear someone say trust God, what does that even mean??

That's what I'm trying to figure out. For me, that literally means saying to God, I am putting this in your hands, I trust you. I trust that You will be with me in my planning for and running of the camp, that volunteers will appear, that the word will get out, that kids will show up, and that everything will run smoothly and everyone will have a fun time. The more I say, I trust You, the less anxious I feel.

Part of learning to trust God, has been working on my relationship with God. Like any relationship, the people who you really trust, you trust because you know their character, you are close with them. I'm praying that God will be at the center of everything I do. One of the best thing that has happened during my time here in South Africa, is that I have finally made time to sit and pray and read and journal and it feels awesome!

I went to the opening of the stadium in Cape Town - there was a ceremony, with singers and different religious leaders blessing the stadium, including ArchBishop Thabo, followed by a local soccer match. I want to add pics but i cant upload right now!


  1. I love this blog Emily!
    And keep trusting God! He will provide, I promise!!!

  2. You have a great idea and I am confident that you will be successful! It is in your family genes! love you

  3. Emily, what a blessing to hear your voice on my phone last night!!! Esp amazing bec the previous evening I had checked into your blog...
    Since you're on Skype, ever able to arrange a computer-to-computer chat? Does your computer have a camera??? Is your email still
    You are in my heart, my thoughts, my prayers...
    Love, Sarah