Friday, May 14, 2010


So much has happened since my last post, I'm not sure where to begin!

The World Cup Holiday Clubs are moving ahead at full speed. I can't believe the World Cup is almost here.

I am so excited for the camps but also very anxious about everything that needs to get done before June 11th. We currently have over 20 Anglican Churches signed up to do Holiday Clubs and all of the clubs are getting food from Peninsula Feeding Program. Our partner, Scripture Union, is hosting almost 100 more clubs. God is good!

Our contact at Scripture Union, Nigel, keeps reminding me that we will not do this, God will do this! Again, I am reminded to trust God.

Despite the anxiety I am feeling now, one of the most valuable gifts of this year has been having the time to be quiet and be with God. I am constantly praying that I will have the courage to put all my trust in God. And, slowly, am learning to do just that.

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